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CÀRNIQUES ILLAS JULI, S.L. a company dedicated and specialized since years for many years in the meat industry, choose voluntarily, embark the path towards achievement of IFS v6.0 regulation (INTERNTATIONAL FOOD STANDARD)and BRC (British Retail Certificate) within their overall expansion strategy on world markets, meeting the increasingly requirements of these. This standard, has involved at us and our way of working, with a wider range of customers, in addition to guaranteeing a maximum food safety. Taking into account that quality and harmlessness are for CÀRNIQUES ILLAS JULI SL two essential pillar To be able to work, meet all regulatory requirements and produce safe food, and this safety, is ensured throughout the whole shelf life product we offer.

To ensure consumer safety Illas- Juli has also established complex and modern systems of control and traceability which enable us to control possible risks and critical points in the entire food chain, from farm to table.

At Illas-Juli, products do not only comply with the most stringent health requirements, but also with our packaging, moreover, we are concerned to satisfy the highest standards and information requirements recommended by the OCU, increasing food safety of our products.

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